Learn About the Different Types of Plasterboard

Known in different names like gypsum board drywall, wallboard or even sheetrock, people all over the world use plasterboard in construction. Plasterboard is a sheet of gypsum lined with heavy-duty construction paper on each side. The type of edging it offers depends on whether you'll plaster over it or finish it as it is. One of the common methods of using drywall is using wet plaster as drylining, due to its ease and speed of installation. Read More 

Three Common Signs You Need Roof Repairs

You might think that it would be easy to tell if you need roof repair. After all, the roof is a pretty important feature of the house. However, because it is mostly outside of your line of sight, it is very difficult to ascertain if there is a problem with your roof, at least right away. As time goes on there will be signs that something is wrong with your roof, and this is how most people first realise something is amiss. Read More 

5 Advantages of Purchasing Pod Construction Kits for Your Prefab Home

Sometimes, finding the perfect home to buy can be challenging, and most people, out of frustration, end up building a custom one instead. In such a case, you can either consider purchasing pod home construction kits or go for stick-built homes. Stick-built is the typical, traditional home design where builders spend months onsite fixing everything from scratch. However, pod home kits, alternatively, come in pre-built pieces to allow you to build a prefab home. Read More 

Commercial Roof Leak: 4 Signs to Watch out

When people think of a commercial roof leak, they picture a stream of water dripping from the ceiling. While this may be how some of the leaks happen, most aren't direct. That's why you should know the danger signs to watch out if you're to avoid costly repairs and keep your roof in great shape. Here's an overview of the signs. Conduct Professional Inspection A regular professional roof inspection can help you make significant savings in your overall repair costs. Read More 

Caring for Aluminium Roofs After Installation

Metal roofs are an excellent alternative for any homeowner who is looking for inexpensive and durable roofing material. Specifically, your primary reason for choosing aluminium is that it requires minimal maintenance in the long term. When you evaluate other materials such as asphalt shingles, you come across certain weaknesses that your roof will not have to live with. For example, old shingles can blow loose in strong winds, necessitating repairs. Read More