5 Advantages of Purchasing Pod Construction Kits for Your Prefab Home

Sometimes, finding the perfect home to buy can be challenging, and most people, out of frustration, end up building a custom one instead. In such a case, you can either consider purchasing pod home construction kits or go for stick-built homes. Stick-built is the typical, traditional home design where builders spend months onsite fixing everything from scratch. However, pod home kits, alternatively, come in pre-built pieces to allow you to build a prefab home. 

To learn more why you should consider purchasing pod home kits, continue reading below:

Faster Construction

Pod home construction kits offer more accelerated assembly and construction for your prefab home. Since parts are fully pre-made, all you need to do is the assembly and fitting necessary utilities. Hence, a prefab modular home goes up much quicker since it arrives onsite when partly constructed. Therefore, you'll spend fewer days with contractors as well as minimise vulnerability to weather delays. With pod kits, you don't have to worry about site preparation or obtaining permits, which typically takes more time. 

Better Acoustics

Pod construction kits allow you to construct modular homes that have excellent acoustics compared to traditionally built homes. Traditional dwellings have sound propagation through the ceilings and walls, and this is the reason why most have floating floors to minimise the noise. However, prefab homes feature separate modules interlinked together. This way, there is an efficient noise transfer reduction from one module to the other.

High-Quality Building

Pod home kits have more detailed shop drawings compared to traditional homes. Hence, your modular home will be more detail-oriented and elaborate. Besides, these homes uphold the highest health and safety standards designed and factory-made to increase work quality.

Minimised Damage Risks

Pod home construction kits effectively minimise damage and theft risks from third parties. You may only encounter theft issues with poorly secured structures. Besides, theft of building materials or construction equipment may only result if you hire untrustworthy contractors. Theft cases are much more rampant when constructing traditional homes than modular ones. No one wants to steal a single part of a pod kit, which will be useless unless they find all other pieces to complete the unit!


Finally, building modular homes is much more affordable than building an equivalent stick-built one. You can thus use some of the savings to pay for the setup labour. Furthermore, you require fewer labourers to achieve a ready, prefab move-in in just a few days. Also, these houses are energy-efficient, and you can save more money on reduced energy bills. Overall, purchasing pod construction kits for your prefab home is more affordable than buying traditional homes.