Three Common Signs You Need Roof Repairs

You might think that it would be easy to tell if you need roof repair. After all, the roof is a pretty important feature of the house. However, because it is mostly outside of your line of sight, it is very difficult to ascertain if there is a problem with your roof, at least right away. As time goes on there will be signs that something is wrong with your roof, and this is how most people first realise something is amiss. If you spot any of these issues, you should call for roof repairs straight away. 

Water Stains On Your Ceiling

Wet spots on your ceiling are a dead giveaway that your roof has lost some of its structural integrity. If something in your roof has been displaced or some of the waterproofing has been torn, then it is only natural to expect water stains as a result. These water stains are often not as big as you might expect. Look for slight discolourations that accumulate in the same area. Every few weeks or months you should do a close inspection of your ceiling. There is nothing more unappealing than water stains, but they can be fixed relatively easily once the source problem (your roof) is fixed.

Loss Of Insulation

Your roof serves many purposes, and one of them is as a layer of insulation. If the surface of the roof is broken, then this insulative property will be voided. That can instantly affect the overall temperature of your home, especially in winter and in the colder states down south. You may also begin feeling a draught when there is no window open, and it is not uncommon to hear a whistling wind that you cannot place. Roof repairs will give you the peace of mind that your heating bills will not explode trying to make up for this loss of heat.

Animal Invasion

Possums are a native species to Australia, but they should not be native to your home. They will often try and look for entrances to your home through the roof, and they can dislodge tiles and other materials on this journey. If you hear a possum or any other animal moving around your roof, the first call you make should be to a pest control expert. Then, after the animal has been dealt with, you should call for roof repairs to ensure they cannot get back in the same way twice. 

To learn more, contact a roof repair company.