Roof Issues That You May Need to Address

Maintaining your roof and undertaking repairs when required is crucial. Regular inspections and repairs will help the roof to last longer and protect your home from the rain. Plus, secure cladding will seal your home and keep the extreme heat and cold out of the roof cavity, thus helping to regulate the building temperature. Here are several issues you might need to address with roofing repairs. Cracked and Dislodged Tiles Read More 

5 Advantages of Granny Flat DIY Kits

There are many reasons you might want to extend your home with a granny flat. Perhaps you want to give an older relative somewhere to live, or maybe you are thinking of renting out the space. Whatever your motive, using a granny flat DIY kit is a low-cost and straightforward way of achieving your goal. 1. Installation is Quick and Easy Granny flat DIY kits are designed to be easy to install. Read More 

Comparing Metal and Tile Roofing Materials

If you're replacing your roof, you may be wondering whether to choose metal sheets or tiles. To help you reach a decision, consider the following discussion. Roofing Material Weight One way in which metal and tile roofing is different is the relative weight of these materials. Metal sheets are quite light, which means they put less pressure on a building. So if your house is large and expansive with a vast roof area, metal will help lessen the overall load. Read More 

Situations in Which Your Home’s Downpipes Need Expert Help

The downpipes on a home capture the rain that runs into them from the gutters, after which the downpipes take the water away from the building to prevent moisture damage. The roof plumbing is crucial. Otherwise, rain can flow down the external walls, causing mould, mildew, and rotting to take hold. Water pooling around the ground can destabilize foundations. To discover some of the situations in which your downpipes need expert help, read on. Read More