5 Advantages of Granny Flat DIY Kits

There are many reasons you might want to extend your home with a granny flat. Perhaps you want to give an older relative somewhere to live, or maybe you are thinking of renting out the space. Whatever your motive, using a granny flat DIY kit is a low-cost and straightforward way of achieving your goal.

1. Installation is Quick and Easy

Granny flat DIY kits are designed to be easy to install. The installation process is so simple that many people manage to put them together on their own, although you can also hire a contractor if you need help.

2. Kits Make Granny Flats Affordable

Granny flat kits reduce the need for labour, which means that you don't have to pay a contractor to spend several months or weeks constructing a flat alongside your home. They are also relatively affordable to purchase, compared to the costs of the materials that you would need to use to build your own granny flat.

Manufacturers are able to offer granny flat kits at low prices because the process of making them is so efficient. The kits are created in a factory to a precise specification, which helps to keep design and production costs low.

3. Granny Flats Built From Kits Are Durable

Many people worry that using a kit will result in a granny flat that cannot stand up to harsh weather or will quickly succumb to wear and tear. While no structure is immune to the effects of storms and other extreme weather events, granny flats built from kits can be surprisingly durable. The kits contain sturdy frames that have been designed and tested to ensure they can withstand strong winds, rain and freezing temperatures.

4. Granny Flats From DIY Kits Are Safe

The designers of granny flat DIY kits understand that safety is a primary concern. These kits usually have frames made of steel, metal roofing and non-combustible siding, making them resistant to fire. Therefore, they are safe places for vulnerable or elderly people to live.

5. Granny Flat DIY Kits Are Portable

If you decide to move home after installing your granny flat from a DIY kit, it could be possible to take the flat apart and take it with you. This flexibility is important for many families, who cannot afford to spend a lot of money installing an unmoveable granny flat when they are not sure whether they plan to move in the next few years.