Situations in Which Your Home’s Downpipes Need Expert Help

The downpipes on a home capture the rain that runs into them from the gutters, after which the downpipes take the water away from the building to prevent moisture damage. The roof plumbing is crucial. Otherwise, rain can flow down the external walls, causing mould, mildew, and rotting to take hold. Water pooling around the ground can destabilize foundations. To discover some of the situations in which your downpipes need expert help, read on.

Decayed and Broken Downpipes

One scenario you may come across is rusty and decayed downpipes. Downpipes run from the roof to the ground, and they consist of several pipes that connect. These pipes can develop holes where the material has weathered under the elements. Sometimes it's the screws or fasteners holding everything together that rust and break away, and you may notice them lying on the ground. The bottom downpipe sections can fall away in such cases. In these situations, your home will be endangered by overflowing rainwater. A roofing expert can investigate and secure the plumbing.

Blocked Downpipes

Another time to call an expert is if you encounter a blocked downpipe, which could be full of debris and leaves, especially during the autumn when some trees shed their foliage. Animals have may even build a nest in downpipes. Of course, then the rain flow will be blocked, and it could overflow the gutters or stream back to the roofing, where it will cause moisture damage. A roof plumber will be able to find where the blockage lies and clear up the situation.

New Buildings and Extensions

Working out the guttering and rainwater downpipes for a building is an involved process. Roof plumbers estimate the overall roof area and pitch to determine how much rainwater the gutters and downpipes will carry. The local rainfall is also an essential part of the design. Some regions may experience little or light rain, while other places might experience tropical deluges.

Whether you're building a new home or adding an extension, a roof plumber will need to combine the various factors and work out the correct size and number of gutters and downpipes that your particular building requires in order to get the best results. Building codes regulate rainwater and roofing issues to keep everyone secure and ensure that buildings are safe from rain damage. Water may seem harmless enough, but it can cause massive injury to a home if it gets out of control.