Advantages of a Tiled Roof Restoration

A roof restoration involves various phases that produce a beautiful and structurally sound tiled roof. If you're not sure whether such an upgrade is for you, consider the following advantages. 

Extend the Roof's Life

Restoration extends the life of a roof. Over time, tiles tend to chip and crack due to weathering — they can fall out of place and become covered with unhealthy mould, mildew and algae, preventing rainwater from draining. A  roof restoration will pressure-clean the tiles, fix and replace any chipped and dislodged ones, and cover them in protective membranes to help the tiles withstand weathering and last longer. 

Prevent Water Leaks

As a roof deteriorates over time, rainwater can seep between the tiles, especially on an unsealed roof. Once inside the roof cavity, moisture can rot and decay timber beams, rafters, and battens — all the while ruining insulation and ceiling plaster, causing it to grow mould and mildew. A roof restoration will seal your home so that it's watertight and save it from water damage. 

Increase Your Home's Value

Home renovations provide an excellent way to increase property value. Restoring such a major component as a roof will likely add value, a precious benefit should your home be on the market soon. Buyers can feel confident with your property when they know they won't have to spend massive amounts on the roof. Plus, a restoration covers the cladding in lustrous finishes, improving the kerb view and making your home a more appealing prospect.

Enhance Your Home's Energy Efficiency

The roof provides one of the main ways that heat can escape your home. Cladding with gaps allows the heat out and lets the cold in. As a result, you'll pay higher heating and cooling bills. A roof restoration closes any escape hatches and ensures that if your home is leaking warmth or coolness, the roof is not the problem.

Improve the Roof's Appearance

A roof restoration will improve your home's appearance regardless of whether you're selling or not. Topped off with discoloured and faded tiles, a building will look unattractive and neglected.  A worn-out roof is particularly obvious since it covers such a vast expanse of the facade.  During a restoration, contractors can cover the tiles in the same colour to create a lustrous finish. Alternatively, you can transform your home with a different hue, generating a facelift. For example, change from red to grey or another shade depending on the cladding and landscape colour.