Commercial Roof Leak: 4 Signs to Watch out

When people think of a commercial roof leak, they picture a stream of water dripping from the ceiling. While this may be how some of the leaks happen, most aren't direct. That's why you should know the danger signs to watch out if you're to avoid costly repairs and keep your roof in great shape.

Here's an overview of the signs.

Conduct Professional Inspection

A regular professional roof inspection can help you make significant savings in your overall repair costs. During the routine inspection, let the experts take a closer look at your roof and point out the areas with issues.

This is important as there are roofing concerns that many commercial property owners don't understand. Spotting the minor issues and making sure that they're repaired on time prevents major concerns down the road.

Check for Signs of Roof Leaks

Most roof leaks begin as small areas on your roof, but over time, they can wreak havoc to your entire roof. Strains and spots on the walls, roof or ceiling is an indicator of roof leakage. The spots are light brown in colour and appear as flowing stripes and rings on walls.

Pipes leakages can still cause such stains. So, you should consider checking for leaking pipes before you conclude that the problem is with your roof. If the spots keep getting bigger every time it rains, you have a roof problem.

Check your Soffit

The soffit is the wood that is fitted under the roof. This is what creates the difference between the outer part of the roof and the inside of the house. The major cause of damage to the soffit may result from leaking roof water or rodents.

Make sure you regularly inspect the soffit and watch out for any signs of rot. Don't hesitate to call a roofing contractor if you notice any problems.

Inspect your Flashing

Roof flashing refers to the metal strips running along the edges of your roof. They are designed to hold down roofing materials and keep out debris, water and other exterior elements. During your routine roof inspection check for missing, rusted, bent or damaged flashing.

If you have a problem with your flashing, get it fixed as soon as possible to avoid additional leakage or damage.

If you're a commercial property manager or owner, don't be caught off-guard by a roof leakage. These few commercial roof leakage tips are worth checking out before disaster strikes.

For more information, contact a local roofing contractor.