Caring for Aluminium Roofs After Installation

Metal roofs are an excellent alternative for any homeowner who is looking for inexpensive and durable roofing material. Specifically, your primary reason for choosing aluminium is that it requires minimal maintenance in the long term. When you evaluate other materials such as asphalt shingles, you come across certain weaknesses that your roof will not have to live with. For example, old shingles can blow loose in strong winds, necessitating repairs.

Nevertheless, everything is destructible, and aluminium roofs can succumb to a few things if you do not take care of them. The following post-installation practices will go a long way in helping your roof to serve you for many years.

Manage Contact between the Roof and Tree Branches

If you have trees growing close to the house, make sure that the branches do not rub against the aluminium roof. The persistent rubbing of tree branches damages the finishing on the aluminium roof, exposing it to other harmful elements. Rust will set and eat into the aluminium once the roof loses its protective coating. Additionally, the constant movement of tree branches can weaken the fasteners holding the roofing material together.

Minimise Pedestrian Traffic

Mounting air conditioning units, gutters and other components often require someone walking on the roof. The installation of the aluminium roof will also necessitate roofers walking over sections of it. However, this is something you need to minimise and only allow it when there is no other option. Always look for alternative ways to do work on the roof, including skylight windows and openings in your attic. Walking on the roof frequently compromises the strength of the joints and puts the material at risk of cracking or flaking.

Stick with Aluminium

You need to be aware of aluminium's potential to react with other materials in case of contact. Aluminium may not be the most reactive metal out there, but you cannot overwrite its ability to combine with other materials. If you choose an aluminium roof, then use aluminium all the way. This includes all the fittings, brackets and fasteners. Combining aluminium with metals such as copper can trigger chemical reactions, especially when water and heat are present.

Keep the Roof Clean

Cleanliness will go a long way in enhancing the durability of your roof. Don't let dirt and debris gather on any section of the roof. There is a high possibility that it will damage the roof when it starts to decompose. Remember to clean the gutters as well to keep water from pooling towards the roofing material

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