Top Factors That Determine Metal Roofing Costs

Have you decided to install a metal roofing on your newly built structure? Metal roofs last longer and require less maintenance than other roofs while increasing the value of your home, but they come at a high cost. Fortunately, you can prepare adequately if you know the key factors that affect the prices. Below are some things your roofing contractor will consider when drafting your quote.

Size of the house

This is one of the obvious factors – the larger the house, the more roofing materials you'll require. The roof design will also have an impact on the cost. To complete steep roofing designs successfully and safely, you need the expertise of trained contractors and advanced equipment. This task will also take longer, resulting in more costs. Flat roofs are not complicated, so they typically cost less than sloped roofs.

Additionally, the architectural shape of the house will also play a role in increasing or reducing the cost. A shape with more dormers, angles or skylights will make the roofing job complex, and this increases prices.

The type of metal

There are different forms of metal materials you can consider for your roofing, and each will make a difference in the total cost. Some of the popular materials you can find include aluminium, zinc, stainless steel, zinc and copper, and the price for each varies.

Other factors also determine the cost of the metal you choose. For instance, premium metals are stronger and come at a higher price, especially when it comes to copper and zinc. The market price for each of the metals also varies depending on the location as well as demand and supply. Be sure to consider all these factors to make an informed choice.

Required labour

Another significant aspect that makes up your roofing budget is labour. Your roofing contractor and the entire team will charge you for the service. Simply put, labour costs will cover the salaries and wages of the contractor and their team; the hours needed to finish the project, insurance plans and other benefits you are providing to the employees, including taxes the contractor is paying.

The bigger the roofing project is, the larger the team your contractor will require. Note that roof replacement projects require a large team to tear-off the old roofing, remove the old roof's underlayment and flashing and clean up the site. People who live in areas where it's challenging to find an installation contractor may pay more for labour.

Remember that these factors will vary from one project to another, based on how complex the installation process is and the project's duration.