Using Smart Technology to Implement Timely Roof Repairs

With smart tools revolutionising the home, it's just a matter of time before this technology can be used to implement timely roof repairs. 'Smart' means that the machine can send and receive signals in real time. These signals can measure temperature, moisture, pressure and many other variables. In the same way that your home alarm system can detect a break-in and trigger an alarm, sensors can be placed strategically on your roof to detect water damage, physical damage and other critical variables.

While this technology isn't under widespread implementation, it provides a promising potential for roof repairs in the near future. For example, you can detect a leak in its early stages and have the roof sealed before extensive water damage occurs. Here are additional ways through which smart technology can make roof repairs easier for homeowners.

Surface damage monitoring

It is rather surprising that in 2019, homeowners still have to grab a ladder and climb to the roof of their homes when inspecting physical damage. This old-school way of checking for roof damage is being replaced by smart technology. Whether your roof is made of asphalt, slate or metal, sensors can be used to detect multiple forms of damage. For example, broken tiles may result in uneven surfaces that can be detected by smart sensors. Cameras can also be placed on the roof so that you can get a real-time view of what the top of your home looks like at any given time. You may find this useful after experiencing inclement weather or right before staging your home for a showing to potential buyers.

Energy efficiency

Many homeowners don't realise that their roofs are leaking air until they receive an inflated utility bill. To avoid a dent in your wallet, smart sensors can detect pressure, airflow and temperature in real time. These readings provide a profile of how much air is flowing past your roof so you can detect issues with energy efficiency before they become worse. Repairs may include sealing spaces, adding a waterproof layer or replacing damaged shingles.

Advanced moisture detection

While your roof will experience a heavy beating from the rain on a regular basis, moisture seeping into underlying roof areas can spell disaster. Sensors placed in your underlayment can be used to detect moisture levels and trigger a signal when a threshold is passed. This early warning system is the perfect way for homeowners and roof repair technicians to detect leaks before they become worse. For example, the issue may be a displaced shingle or improper sealant. Catching leaks early can help homeowners save thousands of dollars in repairs.

To learn more about roofing repair, contact a roofing company in your area.