Benefits of Using Timber Frames

 Timber is a popular construction material in Australia. In fact, it is almost impossible to complete a modern building without using wood. Architects use timbers for flooring, roofing, windows, doors, and even on wall frames. Although there are many wood alternatives such as metal and plastic, timber is a highly beneficial material that is easy to get, easy to use, and easy to install. If you are planning to include wall frames in your project, keep reading to know why you should use timber wall frames.

•  Timber frames reduce the costs of construction

Timber is a readily available material. Unlike other materials such as metal, the process of acquiring high-quality pieces of wood is easy; hence the user does not incur extra costs in purchasing it. Timber is also easy to transport, meaning that the user spends fewer costs on the transportation process. Besides, wood is not labour intensive; hence the architects spend less time and money during the construction. For these reasons, timber wall frames can significantly reduce your total construction process if you plan well. 

•  Timber frames have aesthetic and biophilic benefits

Wood is a naturally beautiful construction material. Many people who use it in their residential and commercial buildings find it more visually appealing, compared to the other materials. Besides, there are many types of timber; hence you can choose the colour, the quality, and the wood design that would blend well with the other aspects of the building. The right timber wall frames can improve the appearance of your house, and even act as a selling point if you intend to sell the house.

•  Timber frames are flexible

The flexible nature of wood makes timber a desirable material for both the architects and the homeowner. The builders can easily bend, cut, and design it in different shapes that would fit satisfy the clients' demands. They can also redesign it quickly in case they make a mistake. To the owner, timber's flexibility allows them to choose the best wood for their projects. If the old timber wall frames no longer interest them, they can easily paint or redesign it without interfering with the other parts of the house.

In addition to the above benefits, timber is a durable and environmentally friendly material. Look for a professional roofer to help you install timber wall frames in your residential or commercials building. The best professionals will help you choose the best type of wood, and also give you tips on how to maintain the frames to retain their sleek appearance.